About Us


Welcome to Glamour Girl Entertainment, the home of Melbourne's most glamorous entertainers!

You might be wondering what sets us apart from other agencies, and why you should choose one of our performers for your next function.

Read on to find out what makes us so unique, and why you will love us!

  • We provide an itemized invoice for every booking. No more wondering how that extra $100 made its way into the bill. We tell you exactly what you are paying for so there are no hidden costs!
  • Our performers are paid above average rates, because we believe having happy ladies equals better service and a higher quality performance for you.
  • We believe in quality, not quantity. Some agencies have 30+ performers on their books, and do not screen new applicants. We are the opposite! We promote only the most charming, hard-working and naturally gorgeous women, and ensure that we keep their photographs regularly updated so you know exactly what you are getting.
  • We encourage women of varying ethnic and cultural backgrounds to join us. You have a choice of many beautiful and unique ladies to entertain you. We believe it is time to break free of the cliche “Barbie Doll” stripper, and embrace individuality instead.


Services We Offer

Waitresses & Showgirls

We have many lovely ladies available to waitress at your event, or perform an erotic strip show.

Waitresses will:

  • Greet guests
  • Pour drinks
  • Serve food
  • Keep the venue tidy and keep the party going
  • On request, waitresses can also deal poker and bring equipment for games such as King’s Cup and Beer Pong.

Showgirls will:

Perform an erotic strip show for your amazement and pleasure. We ensure that our showgirls perform top quality shows, by regularly having team meetings and up-skilling sessions.

Poker Hire

As of February 2016, Glamour Girl Entertainment will also offer competitive rates for poker table and chip hire. Please inform us whether you prefer to deal, or if you would like one of our lovely waitresses to deal Texas Hold ‘Em poker at your function.

Poker tables and chips can be picked up from Melbourne, or delivered for a small delivery fee. Please contact us for further information.