Waitress Rates


We offer competitive rates for all levels of service for Melbourne and its surrounds.

Unlike some agencies, we have no hidden costs. We charge a single, one-off booking fee to secure your function; everything else goes to your chosen waitress. This means above-average pay for the ladies, and a better price for you!

Please note that travel fees do apply for functions outside of the Melbourne metro area. Please see the “travel fee” page for further information.


Minimum booking = 2 hours

Lingerie: $50 per hour

Topless: $80 per hour

G-String: $100 per hour

Nude: $120 per hour

Poker Hire

Young woman holding gambling chips on black background

We offer competitive rates for poker table and chip hire, as well as lovely ladies to deal Texas Hold ‘Em at your event. We have a number of different table sizes and styles available. Please contact us to determine which table is best suited to your event.

Option 1: Professional Quality, 2.10 metre table

Table and chip hire is $200 per night which includes delivery and next-day pickup from your venue. This 10-player  table is topped with high quality speed felt and includes removable drink holders. Because this table requires van delivery, we appreciate advance bookings.


Option 2: Fold-Away, 2.4 metre topper

Table top and chip hire is $100 per night which includes delivery and next-day pickup from your venue. This 10-player topper features a speed felt surface and padded railing for comfort, and folds away for convenience. You will need a table to place it on (dining room tables work the best).

Please note that a condition report will be signed by both parties when the table and chips are delivered. If the table is damaged in the course of your function, a $100 refubishing fee will be charged. If the chips are damaged/lost, a replacement fee of $50 will be charged. Please take care of our equipment as if it was your own.

Showgirl Rates


Full Nude Show: $200

Full Nude Explicit Show: $250

Vibrator Show: $300

Anal Show: $400

Lesbian Show: $700


About Each Show

Full Nude Show: the classic striptease. The lady of your choice will perform an erotic striptease, beginning with a sexy outfit and ending with the full monty! This is an excellent choice for the work Christmas party as it is sexy without being too “full on” for the workplace. Additional extras can be added to this show to spice it up. Please see below for further information.

Full Nude Explicit Show: A sexy twist on the classic striptease. Your performer will not only do an erotic striptease, she will also perform open leg action so you can enjoy her full potential. This show is a good option for a mild-mannered bucks party as it is enjoyable and sexy without being overwhelming for a timid buck or birthday boy. Additional extras can be added to this show to spice it up. Please see below for further information.

Vibrator Show: The hottest solo show around! The vibrator show begins with an erotic, suspense-building striptease and works up to a buzzing frenzy! Your lovely lady performer will use an assortment of toys such as dildos and vibrators, for your viewing pleasure. This is the most popular show for buck’s parties- it will be the highlight of the night! XXX extras are available with the vibe show, please see below.

Anal Show: Exactly what it sounds like, the anal show is for the customer who wants it all. Watch your sexy performer use vibrators to pleasure herself and entertain you. Please note that not all performers offer this show, so please book in advance to ensure you are not disappointed.

Lesbian Show: Double trouble! The lesbian show is extremely popular, particularly with buck’s parties and footy/cricket club Christmas parties. Two beautiful ladies pleasuring each other, and you as their captive audience. This show is simply too good to be missed! XXX extras are available with the lesbian show, please see below.


Show Extras

Standard extras: These can be applied to the Full Nude and Full Nude Explicit shows for $20 each.

Strawberries and cream- nibble delicacies off her body.
Bubble bath- watch her take a sensual bubble bath.
Champagne- drink champagne as it flows down her.
Moisturiser- the guest of honour gets a special moisturiser massage (no hands).

XXX extras: These extras can be applied to the Vibrator, Anal and Lesbian shows for $30 each.

Fruit and Veg- watch her use fruit and veggies in new and exciting ways.