Travel Fees

We believe that like you, our performer’s time is valuable. Therefore we charge a small travel fee when a function is held outside the Melbourne metro area. Please refer to the list below for an estimated travel fee to your location.


Within 30 mins of Melbourne CBD: No fee

30 minutes – 1 hour from Melbourne CBD: $50

1 hour – 2 hours from Melbourne CBD: $150

2 – 3 hours from Melbourne CBD: $250

3- 4 hours from Melbourne CBD: $350


If you are planning to host a function further than 4 hours from the Melbourne CBD, please contact us prior to booking so that we can ensure your performer of choice is given adequate time between functions to travel to you.

We can also help you to organise your function and bookings for the best price possible, by bundling waitressing and shows, or selecting a venue which has a lower travel fee.